Social Responsibility


That’s why it’s important to us at Wilds of Africa to give something back to this beautiful country. And you as a traveller can help us with that!

For every client that travels with us, we donate a part of our profit to a project. These projects are either in wildlife conservation or support people in need. South Africa does need our help and we are glad that we can contribute and do our part.  Below you can find two projects that we support. 


Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit

The Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit is the first of its kind, with most members being female. The unit operates in the regions of the Balule Nature Reserve in the Kruger National Park – to protect rhinos and other wild animals from poachers.

All these women, the Black Mambas, share a passion for wildlife. Protecting animals in the wild is their goal. The vision of the Black Mambas is that education is the most effective way to counter poaching. The women are part of the local society and dedicate their efforts to creating a durable connection and educating the citizens regarding flora and fauna in and around Balule. You want to protect your natural heritage for your children and grandchildren.

We support The Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit by giving a portion of the profit from each booking to this project.


If you want, you can also donate directly to this organization. Just follow the link:!services…

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Uthando (Love) South Africa

A Fair Trade & Non-Profit organization that is very close to our hearts is UTHANDO (Love) South Africa. For many years, Uthando has supported a variety of social charity projects in and around Cape Town.

You can discover part of these programs on a half-day township tour. Here you get an insight into the daily course of these projects. These may range from orphanages and kindergartens to sports and music projects. Furthermore, there are also training centres and retirement homes to visit. We have done a tour with Uthando and find them authentic and inspiring. Feel free to talk to us about it!