Our guide to your

Namibia Trip

Namibia is a multifaceted country that amazes you. From the oldest desert in the world, the Namib desert, to the rugged Atlantic coast. The different landscapes are simply breathtaking! The wildlife you will see on your Namibia self-drive trip is stunning, too.

This country in southern Africa is synonymous with infinite vastness. If you are planning a round trip through Namibia, you got to love long car journeys. 


It is also recommendable to be able to change car tires. In Namibia you never know!  The routes are often long, deserted and there is little traffic. In Namibia, the journey is the reward!

Do you also dream of an individual Namibia self-drive trip?

Namibia Selbstfahrrereise - individuelle Rundreisen

How would you like to travel Namibia?

We firmly believe that every traveler is individual. This is why our tours are never the same. Every Namibia self-drive trip is tailored to you. According to your travel style and budget.

1. Self-drive in a 4-wheel rental car

If you want to get to know the culture, country, and people on your own, you can do this in Namibia well and relatively easily as a self-drive. Don’t try and save money on the vehicle. Doing long distances on gravel roads can be tiring. In Namibia, the journey is the reward. You have the ultimate flexibility with your own vehicle.

2. 4x4 camper with a roof tent

For adventure lovers, a round trip with your own camper is ideal. Fall asleep under thousands of stars. In the morning enjoy the fresh desert air. Namibia has wonderful campsites, sometimes even in the middle of nowhere. A paradise for outdoor lovers!

3. Guided small group tours

If you prefer it more sociable, you can choose from one of the many guided group tours. On these Namibia tours you have an experienced tour guide with you. He or she guides a small group of a maximum of 12 people through the country and you learn a lot about the history and culture. How about a combination of countries, e.g. Botswana and Zimbabwe?

When is the best time to travel to Namibia?

Namibia offers an average of almost 300 days of sunshine a year. It is recommendable to travel to Namibia any month of the year. However, summers can get very hot!

There is a dry and rainy season. Recommended are the dry months from April to October. The high season for Namibia is from July to October. It is the best time for animal sightings in the Etosha National Park. Since Namibia has been enjoying increasing demand in recent years, you should book a year in advance.

When you go camping, in Winter you should expect some icy temperatures at night. However, this can be a welcoming change from the desert heat. Just don’t forget to bring a warm jacket!

Discover Namibia!

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