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Botswana Trip

When you think of a Botswana trip, the first thing that comes to mind is the UNESCO World Heritage Site Okavango Delta. But Botswana is well known for even more than the world-famous inland delta. In Botswana, you can find impressive landscapes, national parks, and protected areas to discover, which are undoubtedly among the best in the world for safari trips.

Botswana is easy to travel all year round. But since Botswana is mainly a destination for safari, we recommend the dry season from May to October.

During these months, there are only a few water points where the animals come to drink. This increases the chance of spectacular animal sightings.

Botswana can also be combined with its neighboring countries Namibia or Zimbabwe.

Do you also dream of an individual Botswana trip?

Botswana Reise - Individuelle Rundreisen mit Reiseleiter

Which Botswana travel type are you?

Botswana is a dream destination. With proper planning and/or an experienced tour guide, it will be the adventure of a lifetime. How would you like to explore Botswana?

1. Self-drive in a four-wheel-drive rental car

For the experienced and adventurous, a self-drive trip through Botswana is most definitely a highlight. However, it is not a country for first-time safari goers. The roads are sandy – experience with 4×4 off-road vehicles is a must. With that in mind, nothing is in the way of your Africa adventure!

2. Individually with a private tour guide

If you like to explore Botswana at your own pace and visit remote places, an experienced tour guide can show you around. Then you can sit back and fully concentrate on the wildlife sightings and unique lodges.

3. Small group wildlife holidays

If you prefer it more sociable, you can choose from one of the many guided group tours. On these Botswana round trips, you have an experienced tour guide with you. He or she shows a small group of a maximum of twelve people what Botswana all has to offer. At the time you learn a lot about the history and culture. How about combining your trip with Namibia or Zimbabwe?

Discover Botswana!

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